◆What is Winshuttle?
Winshuttle is the SAP certified software developed by Winshuttle LLC in the U.S.
It's very easy to navigate, and users without technical skill can upload data from Excel/Access to SAP.
To go to HP of Winshuttle LLC, please click below link
◆Why Winshuttle?
1Easy to Use
Easy to navigate, No programming. Business user can set it up without the help of IT department.
2Low TCO
Once you purchase Winshuttle, you can use it for almost all data uploading. You don't have to develop add-on programs or setup LSMW/eCAT anymore.
3Broad Usage
It can be used both for master data and transaction data. It covers not only standard functions, but also add-on function.
The example of using Winshuttle is, data entry by business users, data migration in implementation project etc.
Winshuttle is SAP certified software and the data integration to SAP is guaranteed. Also, it's secure,  because SAP authorization setting(Role-based) is applied
Complex transaction can be achieved through entering multiple lines(Loop), setting condition(If setting), confirming data before uploading(validation).
◆Two edition of Winshuttle
Setup script and execute script.
Executing mode only. Less expensive than Transaction edition.
Multibook limited is a distributor of Winshuttle at Japan, Philippine, and Thailand. If you have any questions, please click link in below.
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Winshuttle Studio
Winshuttle Function Module