Multibook Limited

language 日本語

We contribute to the success of our customers’ businesses
and increase their corporate value through our global support services.

Company Outline

Company Name Multibook Limited
Representative Director Manabu Watabe (CEO)
Director Kazuo Fukui (CRO)
Director Yoshinori Kabe (HCS)
Corporate Officer Junichi Tomita (CTO)
External Director Takashi Kiga (INTRIX, Inc. CEO & President)
Auditor Mitsuyoshi Koguchi
Capital 85 million JPY
Date Established September 2000
Corresponding Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank Limited
Resona Bank Limited
The Higashi-Nippon Bank, Limited
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Limited
MUFG Bank, Limited
Tokyo Shinkin Bank
Headquarters 5th floor,1-1-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo, Japan,141-0031
Affiliated Companies TD&Company Europe B.V.
Multibook Hong Kong Limited
Multibook Pte. Ltd.

Company History

Jul. 2019 Increased Capital to 85 million JPY
Jul. 2018 Moved HQ to Nishi-Gotanda, Tokyo
Nov. 2016 Established Multibook America Corporation in America
Jul. 2016 Moved HQ to Kita-Shinagawa, Tokyo
Mar. 2016 Acquired ownership of TD&Company Asia Pacific, Inc. and changed its name to Multibook Asia Pacific, Inc.
Oct. 2015 Changes name to Multibook Limited (former TD&Company Limited)
Jun. 2014 Established Bangkok Office
Apr. 2014 Changes name to TD&Company Asia Pacific, Inc. former the Philippine Office
Feb. 2014 Moved HQ to Gotanda, Tokyo
Feb. 2014 Established Asian TD&Company Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
Jan. 2014 Increased Capital to 40 million JPY
Sep. 2012 Established a German branch, TD&Company Europe B.V.
Aug. 2008 Moved HQ to Kami-Osaki, Tokyo
Apr. 2008 Established the Philippine Office (TD Consulting Co., Ltd., Corp.)
Feb. 2008 Established TD&Company Europe B.V. in Holland
Mar. 2007 Established TD&Company Hong Kong Ltd.
Sep. 2005 Entity conversion to a Stock-Company. Increased Capital to 10 million JPY
Jun. 2003 Moved to Kita-Shinagawa, Tokyo
Sep. 2000 Established TD&Company in Saitama as a Private Limited Company with a Capital of 3 million JPY