Multibook Limited

language 日本語

Corporate Mission

Contribute to the improvement of our clients’ corporate value
by bringing them business success in the world through our globalization support.

Corporate Philosophy

Pursue the well-being of our employees and their families by contributing to the globalization of the world.

Multibook Way

Multibook has 8 principles called the “Multibook Way”. The “Multibook Way” will not only be followed by our employees but they will also be followed by our business partners and services we provide.

1. Provide high-quality solutions for our customers’ overseas expansion

By making full use of our global consulting knowledge, experience, and teamwork, we will swiftly provide optimal solutions to our customers’ global expansion, regardless of the country and region. Even if a project faces difficult challenges, we will work together with our customers to complete the project successfully.

2. Continue to be a “warm” company that takes care of its employees and their families

By creating an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind and play an active role, we will produce better services and results that will contribute to our customers.

3. A fair company where everyone can have an active and successful role

Achieve diversity and inclusion that allows individuals to work regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, skin color, or age. We are a permissive organization providing an environment where individual differences are respected and individuals can work like “themselves”. Everyone is given a chance and will be able to feel respected within the firm.

4. Lead projects to success with exceptional teamwork

Deliver the best possible results with the power of our team, where individuals proactively solve problems and help colleagues that require assistance. We remain attentive to our surroundings and prioritize the success of the team over the individual.

5. Maximize the power of our team with Orchestral Leadership

We aim to become an organization like an orchestra. An orchestra is a gathering of top-class instrumentalists lead by section leader, concertmasters, and conductors who all work together to provide the best performance as a group. Leaders at Multibook expect all members of their team to contribute and work together to provide the best performance possible.

6. Pursue innovative ideas and creativity

In order to improve society and grow the company, we will create an environment, transcending projects and organizations, where each individual’s outstanding ideas can be brought to life, incorporated, and executed without the fear of change.

7. Implement speed management with rapid decision making

In order to proactively adapt to a rapidly changing socio-economic environment, we put great emphasis on the ability to make decisions quickly and execute the PDCA cycle at a high speed. “Speed” is our corporate value and corporate culture.

8. Fulfill social responsibility as a global company

All business activities must be executed and realized with integrity and sincerity. With compliance at Multibook’s foundation, each employee will act based on the question they ask themselves, “Is this the right thing to do?”