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The website of Multibook Limited (the “Site”) offers services to provide various information concerning the activities of Multibook Limited (“Service”) and is managed by Multibook Limited or a third-party that Multibook Limited has consigned the management of the Site to.
By accessing and using this site, you are deemed to have accepted the following Terms, without limitation or qualification. Multibook Limited reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms without prior notice. Please be sure to check the latest terms. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes will mean that you have accept and agree to the changes.

Before Using the Site

  • A person who uses the Site (“user”) shall follow all relevant laws, regulations, etc. when using the Service.
  • Service may be suspended without previous notice for the maintenance of the Site (including emergency maintenance).

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Intellectual property rights concerning all content, text, images, data, software, information and other materials (“content, etc.”), which are indicated or can be obtained on the Site, (all rights, including trademarks and copyrights;“intellectual property rights”) belong to Multibook Limited or suppliers of content, etc. to Multibook Limited, and are protected by relevant laws and regulations concerning intellectual property rights.
  • Users can use the Site and download and print content, etc. in accordance with the Rules and relevant laws.
  • Content, etc. and what is included in the content (regardless of whether it is part or all) cannot be copied, modified, disclosed, sent, distributed, transferred, leased, permitted to use, reprinted or reused beyond private use and the scope explicitly permitted by laws, unless prior consent is obtained from Multibook Limited.
  • Rights concerning individual trademarks/logo marks, trade names, etc. put up on the Site belong to Multibook Limited or holders of individual rights. It is prohibited by the Trademark Law and other laws to use these trademarks/logo marks and trade names without permission of Multibook Limited, except when such acts are permitted by the Trademark Law and other laws.


  • Anyone can freely link to the Site, in principle. However, linking is not allowed in the following cases:
    • Links from websites that damage reputation and decency of Multibook Limited, including websites against public order and morals
    • Links from websites that are considered to contain content that infringes or can infringe laws, regulations, etc.
    • Links that cause false recognition that linked websites have some tie-up or cooperative relationship with Multibook Limited, and links that causes false recognition that Multibook Limited recognizes or supports the linked websites
    • Other links that Multibook Limited judges to be improper
  • Please note that the Site does not provide reciprocal links, in principle.
  • Please use the Site home page URL when linking to the Site.
  • Please note that the Site URLs and content may be changed without prior notice due to changes in the configuration of the site.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

  • Multibook Limited assumes no responsibility for the economy, accuracy, or completeness of any information obtained while using the Site.
  • Multibook Limited does not warrant sure provision of Service or the results of access.
  • Multibook Limited is not responsible for any loss of information due to system failure on the Site.
  • Third parties’ websites linked to the Site are not under the control of Multibook Limited. Multibook Limited does not responsible for their contents or any damages caused by their contents.

Prohibited Items

The following acts are prohibited when using the Site:

  • Acts that cause or can cause disadvantage or damage to a third person or Multibook Limited
  • Acts that infringe or can infringe property, privacy, etc. of a third person or Multibook Limited
  • Malicious acts such as modifying the Site or using the Site as a springboard
  • Acts that damage the honor or reputation of a third person or Multibook Limited
  • Acts that are or can be against public order and morals
  • Acts that violate or can violate laws, regulations or ordinances
  • Other acts that Multibook Limited judges to be improper

Privacy Policy

Multibook Limited handles the personal information such as names and e-mail addresses, obtained from users when they utilize the Service, in accordance with the “Private Policy”, stipulated separately.

Recommended Environment

The environment described below is recommended to ensure easy and secure access to the Site.

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